Dolphin watching tours

Dolphin watching, your dream holidays come true


Kalpitiya “Dolphin line” is famous to be one of the best sport in Sri Lanka for dolphin watching.  Off the coast, encounter hundreds spinner dolphins in their natural environment, playing with the waves, jumping, swimming around the boat …

Witnessing such a show is an experience you will probably never forget.




The spinner dolphin

Two kilometers from the coast, Kalpitiya reef is also known as the “Dolphin line”. The dolphin watching activity started in 2005 when thousands spinner dolphins have been found there. During the tour, you mostly see spinner dolphins, a small dolphin living in off-shore tropical waters around many places of the world. Particularly famous for their acrobatic display, they will be happy to provide you an unforgettable show.

Adults are basically 130-230cm long and reach between 25 and 80 kg. These dolphins are grey with a dark grey dorsal area and the underside pale grey or white. They mostly eat small fish, squids and shrimps, and they can dive up to 300 meters to feed them. Their life respect a very specific social organization. Depending on the area where they live, spinner dolphins mostly live in family groups, but some of them also create association with others beyond their groups.


Organization of the tour

The boat comes to pick you up at 08am, so that you have time to breakfast before leaving. Just cruise the bridge and jump in the boat. You will navigate about half an hour before reaching the dolphin line et fixing yourself encircled by hundreds of dolphins.

You come back at the hotel around 10.30


All tours are carried out by certified guides trained by us to conduct tours in English. They will do a brief on the types of the dolphins we see in addition to sharing valuable information about their behavior and threats these animals face due overfishing.

At Kalpitiya Dolphin Hotel we feel very concerned about animals well being and conduct all our tours in the most respectful way in order to preserve and protect their environment.


Price : 15 000 Rs per boat

6 person can board a boat