Started by passionate kitesurfers, KSL is jointly owned Dilsiri and Leo. Together they have more kiting experience in Sri Lanka than anyone else.The start of the friendship was when Leo inquired about a kiting holiday, since then, Leo has mastered the English Language!

Leo Dil start

Dilsiri Welikala – Joint Owner – Sri Lanka’s first IKO qualified instructor and easily the most enthusiastic of kiters in Sri Lanka. Dilsiri is well known in Sri Lanka for his passion for all watersports and nature! Interestingly enough before deciding to live by the beach he worked in a company that made Victoria’s Secret! He has a passion for the arts and loves to play Scrabble.

Dilsiri Welikala Kitesurfing Lanka

Léo Moret – Joint Owner – IKO qualified instructor. Fanatic for any sliding sports (Kitesurf, Kitesnow, Surf, Paragliding). Great cook. Interestingly enough Leo’s first experience of Sri Lanka was when his dad took him on holiday here in his teens. His project for 2016 is to build his house in France.

Leo Kitesurfing Lanka

Mischi Walter (Kiteschool Manager) – Sri Lanka’s first and most experienced Kitesurfing Instructor. There is no doubt that Mischi is the best teacher of the sport in the island. A colourful character who can teach you in 5 languages! After a days’ teaching, Mischi can be found on the right side corner of the bar enjoying a conversation and a Lion Beer!

Sri Lanka best Kitesurfing Instructor

Anthony (Kiteschool) – Anthony came as a guest in the second season of KSL. He inquired about possible openings and he landed the job. He has been instrumental in taking the kiteschool to a new level of professionalism. We are so happy he came our way!


Julien (Kiteschool) – Our quieter instructors, Julien loves the ocean. He was called the ‘Machine’ last season as he clocked the most number of teaching hours! He is also our DJ for big KSL parties. He loves cats and his Kawasaki.


Amine –   A big-time waterman, Amine loves surfing, freestyle kiteboarding, and kite surfing. Most recently he has been focusing on strapless wave riding. He hails from Morocco.

Amine Kitesurfing Lanka

Mawfeel – Sri Lanka’s newest IKO Instructor, his riding is raw, fearless and creative, combining and adapting tricks into a seamless dance that regularly leaves bystanders speechless.

Brice & Melanie – Kite Coaching – Brice has been a pro rider and can take your riding to a new level with his ‘Kite Coaching Clinics’. His wife Melanie assist him and their package also include video and one on one talk through of your lessons each evenings.


Tikiri (Resident Manager) – Our main man who can help you with anything you need. He is always smiling and cheerful. Tikiri is assisted by Ruwantha and Udara at the Restaurant as well as Asanka and Arravinda in the Housekeeping Team.

Tilak (Operations) – Tilak has been at KSL since inception. He is an expert Kayaks and River Guide, now his passions have switched – loved motorbikes! Always there to lend you a hand at KSL.


Rajitha – Barman – One of the most colourful barman’s you will meet. He is also an artist and has even displayed his paintings in Czech Republic! He kites and also Skimboards!

Chef Samson (Kitchen) – The person who can singlehandedly make the whole camp happy! He is the main man behind the kitchen. Make sure to say hi to him on your trips. His team also comprises of Ashen, Chammi, Lucky, Shirantha, Dinesh.


Suji, Suresh, Anju, Dinesh, Nixon work on the Kite School Team. Suji handles all rentals, repairs and Suresh heads most kite trips and boat rescues.

Kitesurfing Kithulgla

Nissanga, Nelson Uncle and Aunty – Garden Team – We love our garden and greenery. Our garden team lovingly attends it each day.

Roy and Mervyn – Our transport team. These guys will ensure you arrive to KSL safety and hassle free! They would most probably be the first people you meet from the airport.

Mervyn Kitesurfing Lanka

Dil by Bella www.bellazanesco.com_-21

Wendy – Kitesurfing Lanka’s Best Friend. Wendy was a gift to Dil from Denisa. Wendy is pretty chilled and loves human contact. She will follow you to the ocean and back.