Yoga Deck

Yoga : union between body and mind


Our yoga deck is a peaceful place where to practice yoga, to stretch, or to do breathing exercises surrounded by the mangroves of the lagoon.


In line, 3 keywords with one picture below each :


Find inner peace



Release every tensions



Tone and stretch your body



Free access

The deck is open to everybody who would like to practice on his own. We provide mat in free access, just come, take one and find inner peace in front of the indian ocean.


Yoga classes

We also organize two daily yoga classes each morning and afternoon, at 12.00 am and 6pm. They are conducted by certified teacher and are adapted to any level of practice.

Beginner or experienced practicer, you will find peace when closing your eyes and feel the wind while relaxing all your body. During one hour and a half, you will rediscover your body and remove any kind of tension affecting your well being.

In the morning, you warm up muscles and stretch your body to start a day full of energy and well being. At the afternoon session, you repair your body from the activity of the day and relax your mind of the continuous thoughts.


Yoga is more than a physical exercise, it’s a way of thinking and acting in our daily lives. This practice enables to focus on positive energies more than all the mental afflictions that affects us every time. You discover your positive and good true nature, you calm down your mind and discover awareness.

Soul and body are finally aligned through specific body postures, long stretches combined to slow deep breathings.


Yoga retreats

Several times a year, we organize special yoga retreats. One week training is the opportunity to deeply get into the practice and to appreciate its long term benefits.

Our retreats can be general or focus on specific topics. They sometimes combined with sustainable issues (do it yourself workshops) or focused on a specific practice (Wim Hof Method based on three pillars : breathing, cold exposure and mindset/commitments).

A daily retreat schedule includes yoga classes, activities around Kalpitiya, but also time to rest and relax in our peaceful resort.


Contact us for more informations about our coming retreats (Link to contact form)