Beach gym

Beach gym and sporting holidays


Right on the beach next to our hotel, the new amazing BNKR gym area opened in december.


It’s a fun, strength and conditioning gym with access to state of the art CrossFit equipment and adult playground, a varied class schedule and highly experienced trainers.


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Special retreat

BNKR and Kalpitiya Dolphin Hotel special retreat : a beach retreat designed to reconnect you with nature and embrace active, healthy, clean living. Leaving you feeling invigorated, rebalanced and restored.


  • 2-4 daily group exercise sessions including CrossFit, BeachFit, Games & Stretches
  • Goal setting consultation and body assessment
  • Educational workshops on lifestyle, fitness & nutrition
  • Expert coaching
  • Daily mobility and stretching sessions
  • Full board with three meals per day
  • All meals made with locally, seasonal and organic produce
  • One full body massage
  • Half day kayaking or cycling
  • Half day river safari to the National Park
  • Transfers and transportation
  • Plenty of time for beach walks and exploring
  • Beach clean ups & talk from sustainability experts


Starting from Rps.130,000pp*

Contact us for more information (link to the contact form)


Open gym

Apart our special retreats, we also offer the possibility to enjoy the BNKR area in open access. Get access to the world class strength and conditioning facility, complete with a beach playground of monkey bars, pull-up bars, dip bars, cargo net, tyres and sleds.  Strength training with the highest quality dumbbells, competition kettlebells, barbells, bumper plates & GHD. Power training with slam balls, wall balls, sleds & boxes. Plus your cardio needs met with rowers, assault bike, ropes & of course the ocean!


Drop in group sessions

Group fitness training is a fun and effective way to get many of the benefits of 1-2-1 coaching but with the added benefit of the energy of being in a group. We’ve found that when a group of people are all working towards a similar goal and supporting each other, magic happens!


BNKR proposes many various kind of group session :

-Crossfit Kalpitiya : CrossFit is a worldwide phenomena that combines weightlifting, gymnastics and cardio modalities into fast paced and intense circuits known as a WOD that are guaranteed to leave you feeling like you’ve pushed yourself to the limit. A focus on whole body movements, group dynamics and proper form allow you to push yourself harder than any workout we’ve found to date! With options for scaling, CrossFit is accessible to everyone of all fitness levels.

-Primal Fitness : Move the way humans were made to! Run barefoot, swim, crawl, climb, throw and pick up odd objects. Develop your power, strength, speed and endurance. Embrace your surroundings and do a pure cardio workout with Surf & Turf consisting of ocean swimming and barefoot running. Play games and work in teams with our survival classes. It’s all about getting back to our natural movement, learning to play again and having fun whilst getting a sweat on.  

-Calisthenics : For those intimidated by weightlifting or simply just want to mix up their strength training, Calisthenics is a great way to develop stronger muscles, healthier bones and better stamina. Moving your bodyweight through space can develop core strength and body awareness that transfers outside of the gym in an amazing way. Learn the basics of handstands, gymnastic ring strength and extreme flexibility tailored to your fitness level.

-Deep stretch and mobility : an early morning class to get you ready for the day or an evening recovery class after a day of kitesurfing or working out. Improve your range of motion, your posture and your performance by taking advantage of our dedicated stretch and mobility classes. A combination of self-myofascial release, partner stretches and active mobility exercises will have you moving better than ever before.

-Barbell club and kettlebells : Improve your coordination, power and mobility to a near superhuman level. Spend a whole hour refining and honing your technique under the watchful eye of our experienced and qualified coaches. For those intimidated by the barbell, a good starting point is our kettlebell club. A simple yet effective modal combining strength, cardio, endurance and stamina with whole body dynamic movements.