Bar & restaurant

Bar : the perfect place for relaxing holidays


Our bar is located just next to the restaurant, in our exotically garden, surrounded by sand. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a fresh drink, to relax or to meet amazing people.




Come and start a good day with one of our special cappuccino or an amazing fruit juice for breakfast. Our bartenders use “Old Ceylon” Sri Lankan coffee with our espresso machine and local fruits from the village (pineapple, mango, papaya, coconut…)

During the afternoon it’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy a tasty milkshake, fresh soda or a typical Lion beer.

At night, it turns into a place where to listen to good music and meet our staff and the other guests. We propose any kind of cocktail, typical Arrac liquor made from the coconut trees, red wine from Chile …

Every friday and saturday night we organize open mic with a professional guitarist, each guest can sing and play music or just enjoy the jam session.


Menu :

Coca/Sprite 200

Tonic/Soda 200

Fruit juice 400

Milk shake 400

Expresso 300

Lion Beer 600

Wine glass 800

Arrack shot 600

Arrack attack 1000

Long drink 1000

Mojito 1200

Gin tonic 1200

Cocktail creation 1200

Margarita 1500


Restaurant : a paradise for food lovers


Providing healthy and fresh food is one of our priorities.

Sri Lankan food and occidental specialities are served in our huge and tasty buffet.




Three times a day, for breakfast, lunch and dinner, we offer a self-service buffet with a huge variety of meals : from Sri Lankan typical food to occidental specialities.

In order to fit with everybody’s expectations, we also offer vegetarian options every day.



For breakfast, you can order any kind of eggs (omelet, scramble eggs, fried eggs…). You will also appreciate a huge variety of fruits, local curd, pancakes, typical Sri Lankan bread, cereals… Everything you need to start an amazing day in our restaurant in front of the lagoon.


Lunch and dinner

For lunch and dinner, our location in the fishing village of Kandakuliya, enables us to propose fresh seafood (fish, crabs, praws…) Our chef from Sri Lanka  would be happy to make you discover the typical food like rice and curry, hoppers and kottu. Our hotel is also famous for it French specialities such as roast chicken, filet beef marinade, gratin dauphinois…. We also offer a huge variety of fresh vegetables.

For the dessert, you can appreciate fruits salads, homemade cakes, ice cream…



Every friday and saturday night we have a big barbecue with prawns, calamari, pork, sausage, potatoes in abundance. Best way to finish the week in a high note!


You would like something special today? We also offer “a la carte” option.

If you celebrate a birthday, a wedding or any particular event, you can order anything you wish! We would be glad to make this day special for you.