Community and Sustainability : our two priorities to bring the change

Because we consider that social and environment are interdependent, we try to improve both at the same time. We bring support to the local community while sensitizing people to environmental issues and developing sustainable projects.

Our dream is that all the resorts of the area care their people and natural resources to make Kalpitiya a better place.


  • empower local people (90% of our staff)
  • develop educational programs for fishermen and children
  • provide opportunities to next generation through kitesurfing


Empower community :

We do not want to be just another business venture. While we want you to have an experience of a lifetime, we also want to see our community benefit. We want to see people’s lives changed for the better.


Education :

We believe that the best way to bring change is through education, so that we have developed training programs :

  • For fisherman

Our most recent initiative is is ‘English for specific purposes’ where we train the local fishermen how to communicate to tourists in English. For persons who have never spoken a word of English this empowerment program would help them provide a better service to you.

  • For children

We give educational items to the pre-school children of the area. Kandkuliya is a fishing village and the emphasis on education is low. However through example our vision is to see a new generation of educated and holistic persons. We also try to benefit the community by gifting some educational books/ tools/ computers, and by being part of workshops to develop people.

Kalpitiya Social Projects DSC_0121


Opportunities :

We also offer opportunities to the next generation through kitesurfing. By training and supporting children attracted by kitesurfing, we create horizon for them. We have sponsored several people who are now instructors, who have worked (or still work) with us, or teach kitesurfing all around the world.

For instance, discover Mawfeer’s story (link :



  • Objective to be a zero waste facility
  • Projects to encourage and protect biodiversity of the area
  • Trainings and sensitizations for our staff and guests

Through collaborating with like-minded organizations, we are actively trying to reduced our carbon footprint and aim to become a zero waste facility. We actively reduced the introduction and consumption of single use plastic across our facilities. From simple steps like serving your fresh coconut with a metal straw rather than using plastic, to a comprehensive waste management program, we’re becoming equipped waste warriors and would love for you to join us on our journey!


  • No 2 plastic video


Featuring endless examples of upcycling and repurposed draftwood, the design of our camp is in harmony with nature, blending and co-existing with the island’s native environment. Utilising numerous forms of energy conservation, an abundance of plants naturally cools the camp whilst the buildings are designed to maximise air flow, reducing our need for air conditioning. You will also find organic and environmentally friendly bathing products all around the resort.

In order to implement deeply good habits, we prioritize staff knowledge and conduct regular training on up-to-date environmental practices.


  • KSL sustainability road map



We also propose our guests to be part of the change with organizing sustainable workshops.

Discover more about our programs (link to sustainable workshops page)