Sustainability workshops

Eco-friendly hotel and sustainable projects

  • Travel consciously and sustainably with us
  • Discover our sustainable projects in a zero waste objective
  • Participate to our workshops and bring the change with us

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At Kalpitiya Dolphin hotel, you have the chance to sustainably experience Sri Lanka’s natural beauty whilst having the adventure of a lifetime!
Environmental concerns are deeply rooted in our values and in the history of our resort. Since the beginning, we have tried to improve our impact on the environment by developing plenty of sustainable projects at our scale.
To bring the change at a larger scale, we also offer to our guests the possibility to join our sustainable workshops.

Our actions and commitments

As a pioneer in ecologically aware tourism in this region, Kalpitiya Dolphin Hotel prides itself on our conservation credentials, aiming to establish a more environmentally aware travel industry in Sri Lanka.
Learn more about our projects (link to the Community & sustainability page)

Our workshops

In line with our focus on maximizing the preservation of our planet, guests are invited to offset their carbon footprint by assisting in our environment rehabilitation and Mangrove planting projects, alongside helping with our regular community beach clean-ups.

Also, our sustainable team organize daily workshops :
a class focuses on improving your household sustainability standards easily with easy peasy recipes for laundry powder, dishwasher blocks, foamy toilet blocks, skin friendly hand soap, glass cleaner, degreaser, etc.
the class takes around 1 hour and consist in DIY vegan, organic and groundwater and coral friendly cosmetics classes.
we offer you all the recipes we have developed so far for our resorts per email during your stay and you can of course take the products with you after the workshops you attend.

Get involved!

Because our game is to turn everyone worldwide into their own sustainability hub, team up with us on Facebook @Sustainabiliteam and on Instagram @Sustainabiliteamup.
If you want to learn more about our ecological initiatives or have suggestions of you own, please let us know (link to contact)