Stand Up Paddle boarding

In free access for our clients, we propose stand up paddle boards and kayaks to practice on the ocean or in the lagoon just in front of our resort.

stand up paddle sri lanka

  • Enjoy the flat water or have fun in the waves
  • Good for fitness, sightseeing or relaxing
  • Free access or guided tours


Stand Up paddle boarding

Stand Up paddle is a very good and complete sport for the body. It is a low impact exercise and enable to find a good balance while working on your strength and endurance. All the muscles of the body are solicited, from the legs, to the abs and the arms. This complete body workout is also a fun and relaxing activity.

There can be many variations in the practice, including fitness, sightseeing, surfing on the waves, paddle board yoga or even fishing! Just be creative and feel free to experiment anything.

How to paddle board ?

  1. Start out seeking calm water (waves are more difficult for the balance). According to your level of practice, our location is perfect because it offers both possibilities : the ocean or the lagoon.
  2. Practice prone paddling : lie down on the board and with one arm on each side, paddle as if you are swimming.
  3. Try knee paddling : slowly sit up and position yourself on the knees.
  4. Make your you hold the paddle right. Place one hand on the T bar grip at the top and the other hand in the middle.
  5. Paddle properly : keep your arms straight, use a down and back motion, deep the paddle in the water and push.
  6. Stand up and place your feet parallel to each other
  7. Paddle and enjoy !

If you wish to do a guided tour of the mangroves we can also arrange it at request.