Discover Kalpitiya on horseback

Kalpitiya Horse Riding KSL

Horse riding or cycling : the best ways to explore Kalpitiya

There are many ways to explore Kalpitiya and its surroundings, especially by horse and bicycle you will discover all the beauty of this remote place.

A perfect trip for quite and fun holidays.

Horseback tours

-Horse safaris to explore rural life

-Long or short rides

-Lagoon, dunes or sunset tours

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The horses you will have the chance to ride are Marwari thoroughbred and cross breeds. The Marwari are renowned for their versatility and endurance and were imported from Rajasthan in India. These majestic horses have amazing stamina in all terrains, adapting with ease to gallop on the golden sands of Kalpitiya enabling the rider to experience trotting in the high sand dunes on the beach.

The tours we offer are conducted by The Premadasa Riding School, the only specialist in riding safaris in Sri Lanka since 2001.


Prices :

Long rides 3-4 hours with Guide Horse

Day or sunset ride :

-Country side and sand dunes : Rs 20,000/rider

-Kudawa to Dutch Bay, Keeramundal Dutch Church : Rs 20,000/rider (min 2 riders)


Short rides – Hold and ride for Novices

-Country side (1 hour) : Rs 4,000/rider

-Along the lagoon (30 mins) : Rs 1000/rider ; (15 mins) : Rs 600/rider

-Children > 12yrs (20 mins) : Rs 500/rider


Note : Prior booking is needed for this activity!