A Rustic Hotel with Character!

It’s all about the experience and we know its going to be special! When the winds quieten down, Kalpitiya becomes a different place. The sea is calm and crystal clear, the dolphins and whales start to emerge and  the  Pristine Bar Reef starts to reveal its beauty to us. Heaven on Earth.

We start to explore the coastline and lagoons of Kalpitiya at a leisurely pace. The fishing village of Kandakuliya in Kalpitiya still continues to marvel us even when the wind is not as strong. Our main passion, Kitesurfing is still a possibility especially from mid December to early March in the afternoons.

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In the mornings we go Dolphin and Whale Watching as well as Snorkeling at the Bar Reef. We have trained Kayak Guides who can take you in the ocean and lagoons in Kalpitiya in the midst of traditional fishermen and mangrove islands. The lagoons of Kalpitiya are ideal for Bird Watching as well.

Our accommodation options include Wood Cabanas with attached toilets and Tented Accommodation to  cater to those on a tighter budget.

We provide delicious yet healthy food, local fruits and vegetables, fish, crabs and prawns freshly caught each morning by the fishermen, mouthwatering cuisine like our ‘Lankan Rice & Curry’ and French specialties such as Roast Chicken, Filet Beef Marinade and Gratin Dauphinois.

We could arrange transport from the airport to our facility, to get you kiting with the least amount of hassle.

Kalpitiya is Sri Lanka’s most pristine beach locations. Its a chilled out place with a leisurely vibe, you might never want to go back home.

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Kandakuliya is probably the best and most safest beaches on the Kalpitiya Pennisula. The sea in front of the camp is ideal for swimming. There are no currents even in the peak monsoon season and we use this to train you to kayak. The beach is very wide as well.